Rachel Getu speaks about her requirements to get married

Rahel Getu known for her “Tilobegn” music video is a gifted musician who came to fame through her amazing performances. She first got attention of the public when she performed on Meskel holyday of Fana TV on a program which was prepared breman film promotion.

Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration and Head of the Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau, Kedir Juhar, gave a statement on current affairs.
In their statement, they outlined four main agendas:
He said the Renaissance Dam trophy will be handed over to the Dire Dawa administration for a period of five months.

More than 55,000 youths will participate this summer in connection with the summer volunteer blood donation, tutoring service; He explained that the maintenance and construction of the old houses will be done as well as cleaning and various other activities.

He said the Dire Dawa administration is planning to plant 2 million seedlings in collaboration with neighboring regions. He said 200,000 seedlings have been prepared for planting in Djibouti.

He called on the public to take precautionary measures to prevent the recurrence of floods due to heavy rains and floods in various parts of the city this year.

Dire Dawa Administration Revenues Authority Director General, Abdussalam Mohamed, said they are ready to work with the Dire Dawa administration in a way that can answer the question of development and good governance.

Dire Dawa Revenue Authority said it has collected over 1.6 billion birr revenue in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

         Taxes are believed to contribute significantly to a country’s economic growth and development. The Dire Dawa Revenue Authority is collecting revenue from the residents and the business community and is carrying out various activities for the success of Dire Dawa’s economic growth.

       Accordingly, Dire Dawa Revenues Authority has collected 1,668 million 884,776.30 birr from the government tax and municipal revenue in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year. According to the Authority’s Director General, Abdesalam Mohammed, it has registered a performance of 94.79 percent, which is 22.48 percent or 278 million 250 thousand 082.92 birr compared to the previous budget year.

        In order to encourage the taxpayer community, 142 million 826 thousand 695 birr has been pardoned, modernized and modernized, he said. Dire Dawa Revenue Authority Director General, Abdussalam Mohamed, said they are ready to work hard to meet the development and good governance requirements of Dire Dawa.

       He called on the taxpayers to pay their taxes on time as the Dire Dawa Revenue Authority is ready to provide better services to the beneficiary community than ever before.

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