Interview with famous Ethiopian actress Hanan Tariq

Hanan Tariq is a brand ambassador of Canal+ Ethiopia. She has signed the agreement last year and now they are working aggressively to break into Ethiopian market in a pay TV industry. Previously it was only DSTV operating as a pay TV in Ethiopia. This also brings variety among the viewers.

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It is estimated that more than 11,000 young people will be involved in the peace process.

Addis Ababa City Youth and Volunteer Coordination Bureau announced that it is preparing to deploy more than 11,000 youths who will contribute to the peaceful election process.

Addis Ababa City Youth Association Secretary General, Yehunegne Mohammed, said various awareness raising activities are underway from pre-election to post-election to ensure a peaceful conclusion to the 6th general election.

He recalled that the association is one of the youths who have been given permission to participate in the election. He said the association has been contributing its share in previous elections.

Addis Ababa City Youth and Volunteer Coordination Bureau Director, Awareness and Participation, Tenaye Tamiru, on his part, told ENA that preparations are underway to involve 11,000 youths from all sub-cities in collaboration with the association.

It is also stated that there are 220 volunteer youths in each sub-city to coordinate the volunteers.

He called on young people to play their part in preventing the election from taking place peacefully and successfully.

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