PM Abiy Ahimeds victory speech

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conveyed a congratulatory message regarding the election results

Addis Ababa: July 10, 2014 (FBC) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has sent a message of congratulations on the election results.

The full message is presented as follows:

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Distinguished Ethiopians and Ethiopians

For the past half-century, many attempts have been made to have a democratically elected government. They stumbled for a variety of reasons.

In the process, many students and youth, farmers and housewives, scholars and celebrities, the entire nation has paid a high price. It is undeniable that we, as a country, have been in a state of panic over the past few months due to the scarcity of our past experience and the scars of our failed journeys.

Ethiopians, on the other hand, have shown that they are not only polite but also far-sighted. They have shown that they can do what they want, not what they fear. They waited patiently until midnight, expressing their wishes on their cards, without rain or sunshine.

We believe that our people have won this election. Next to our people, the competing parties that have gone through many limitations and presented their ideas, policies and policies to the people with their firm belief in democracy and the voice of the people are the winners of the democratic process.

There are many factors that make this choice unique and historic.

It is one of the first elections in our history to be held by an independent Electoral Board.

The fact that a large number of private and public media, civil institutions, human rights commissions, courts and other institutions have been closely monitored for the success of the Electoral Board makes the process more credible and democratic than ever before. Since the election has taken a step towards our goal of building democracy, our party considers it the first victory.

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