Eyob Dawit discusses avout his love life

Eyob Dawit is a famous Ethiopian actor who had participated in a lot of movies. He is a student and a millionaire at the same time.

Archaeological Hansen Research Institute announces genetic research

The institute told Ethio FM: He said that he had started researching genetic research on a variety of diseases.

The institute, which is more than 50 years old, has just launched its first genetic test in Africa, said Dr. Alemsseged Abdissa, the institute’s deputy director.

He also said that research on Covide 19 has been intensified.

Genetic research begins in Ethiopia It is also said that it will help to understand the nature and nature of different types of viruses and to develop the country’s medical sector.

Genetic research in Eritrea under the coordination of Ethiopia; It is also known to be held in Sudan and Cameroon.

In addition to genetic research in the field of medicine, it is also known that a tool for genetic research in various fields has been introduced.

For his part, Dr. Andargachew Mulu, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said genetic research can help determine the nature and nature of viruses.

Dr. Andargachew also said that this genetic research is very important in understanding the new nature of the coronavirus and the suitability of vaccines and medicines.

Medical experts carry out research day and night to save mankind from various ailments.

Especially nowadays, diseases and epidemics are changing. Countries with large budgets are developing medicines and vaccines for these diseases.

However, the research has been carried out mainly in developed countries; Developing countries like Ethiopia are not going that far in their own right.

Experts say the nature of the disease is changing dramatically, and Ethiopia needs to focus on the medical sector and expand research centers.

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