Wondimu Jira and Veronica

Wondimu Jira released a music video “yene tizta” and veronica adane came up with a single “tew”. Both are guests on seifu show.

He said regional leaders at all levels should pay special attention to conduct the election peacefully

The Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) has urged regional leaders at all levels to pay special attention to the peaceful conduct of the sixth national election.

The committee also said that the election process so far has been peaceful.

The Federal Electoral Security Committee was formed in a manner composed of various government institutions. Its main purpose is to work for a peaceful election.

The committee, along with representatives of the regional and city administrations, reviewed the security performance so far.

The National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Committee, Gedu Andargachew, said the election process is peaceful.

He cited the fact that ballot papers could be transported safely and even after they arrived at the polling stations.

However, he noted that in some areas, minor problems have arisen, including irregularities in the election of candidates.

The Minister of Defense and Deputy Chairperson of the Committee, Dr. Kena Yadeta, on his part said the opening of the polling station, transport of election materials and registration of candidates has been carried out successfully.

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