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Updating sidewalks is about respecting pedestrians !!! Even if a person does not have a car, he or she needs to have a comfortable sidewalk without worrying about safety.

Having a comfortable sidewalk for relaxation and personal health can be a great way to encourage and enhance your walking habits. A well-designed sidewalk, especially at night, requires a well-designed sidewalk to float in the atmosphere, admiring the natural beauty of the moon and stars in the bright streets. In addition to asphalt roads, the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority is constructing modern and comprehensive sidewalks to meet the needs of our city’s residents.

He said the authority has started to build sidewalks that are more suitable for pedestrian activities and add more beauty to the city. This initiative will continue to intensify in the future. Because the residents of Addis Ababa need a modern road infrastructure that fits the city’s name and the role of the city. Here are the blessings of our startup. . We entrust you to use, care for and use them properly. Have a nice day.

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10 symptoms Hepatitis disease and its remedies

We invite you to learn 10 signs of liver disease and 10 possible solutions. Happy reading!

Many people do not have good information about the disease, so how do they know that the spread of the disease is so widespread and alarming that it is unparalleled? Read carefully and share the information with your loved ones!

The liver’s main function is to break down the food we eat, to produce various nutrients, to break down drugs, and to filter and eliminate toxins produced by the cells in our body.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, with two lobes and about 300 million cells.

What makes these cells unique to other cells in the body is that they are always able to regenerate themselves. What makes it unique is that even with 75% of our liver damaged by these special cells, it can function without interruption.

But if he does not do his job well, we will not be able to survive. Liver disease is also known as Hepatitis.

Causes of hepatitis
1. Viruses (hepatitis A, B, C, D and E),
2. Drinking too much alcohol,
3. Taking toxic chemicals (a mixture of toxic chemicals commonly referred to as traditional medicine) and others.

Transmission of hepatitis virus
1. Hepatitis A and E ~ Contaminated food and water from hand to mouth
2. Hepatitis B, C and D ~ Contact with blood and body fluids, sexual intercourse and childbirth from mother to child.

10 Symptoms of Hepatitis
1. Feeling tired,
2. Nausea and vomiting,
3. Abdominal pain,
4. Eye and skin color yellow,
5. Loss of appetite,
6. Weight loss,
7. Urinary incontinence,
8. Irritability and insomnia,
9. Bleeding,
10. Finally, fainting and the like.

10 Solutions to Take
1. Hygiene,
2. Reduce contact with yellow eyes and skin,
3. Avoid sharp objects such as needles and razors,
4. Not sharing tooth brush,
5. Not having unprotected intercourse ,
6. Vaccination of infants within 12 hours of birth,
7. Get vaccinated against hepatitis B virus if you are free of the virus,
8. Do not take traditional medicine and do not take medicine without a doctor’s prescription;
9. Do not drink too much alcohol,
10. The person with the symptoms should go to the hospital immediately and get treatment without getting worse.

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