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The level of happiness of the peoples of the world; What time is it in Ethiopia?

An annual UN-sponsored survey of happiness in the world; Out of 149 countries, Ethiopia ranks 133rd.

Finland ranks first in the world in terms of happiness, followed by Denmark in second, Switzerland in third, Iceland in fourth and fifth in the Netherlands. According to data collected from countries around the world, people’s happiness is measured by their social support, individual independence, gross domestic product (GDP) and other criteria, including the level of corruption in their countries.

Kebele 04 Administration graduated 834 urban food security program beneficiaries.

Dire Dawa is one of the 11 cities that have benefited from the 2009 urban food security program. The program is being implemented in 9 urban kebeles of the administration. The Kebele 04 administration graduated 63 male and 635 female beneficiaries of the program in the second round at the Dire Dawa General Secondary School Hall.

Director of the Dire Dawa Administrations Job Creation and Food Security Agency, Markos Bayuh, said the implementation of urban food security in our administration has helped alleviate short-term food shortages to meet the basic needs of consumers. He also said that the program has created a conducive environment for citizens to live in a sustainable manner and lead a better life by gradually freeing themselves from extreme poverty and malnutrition.

He said efforts have been made to improve the livelihood of the beneficiaries through the collection and disposal of solid waste, green development, integrated watershed development, social and economic development. He added that the beneficiaries of the program will be able to contribute Birr 17,878 (seventeen thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight birr) to the government in a short period of time. He also said that the graduates have been provided with various trainings to help them in their future endeavors.

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