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SurafelSurafel Bisrat and Heaven Habtu – Abu and Tina

Abu and Tina are famous names among Fana Tv viewers. Their drama is aired every Sunday afternoon.

Dire Dawa branch office of the Transit Authority said that a law requiring all public and truck vehicles operating in the Dire Dawa administration to install speed limiters will be implemented from April 10.

The branch has provided training on the installation and use of speed limiters for public and freight vehicles and owners, as well as for traffic controllers and traffic members.

During the current month, many people have been killed, injured and destroyed due to traffic accidents in different parts of the country.
According to Saada Awale, Director General of the Dire Dawa Branch of the Transport Authority, one of the main causes of these accidents is speeding.

Owners of public and freight vehicles at the branch office; The associations, as well as traffic members and transport supervisors, said the training focused on the use of speed limiters and the need for a practical response as an institution.

According to Ms. Saada, there are recent accidents in different parts of the country. He said he will work with relevant stakeholders.

Ms. Seada also called on the trainees of the day to fulfill their responsibilities by creating awareness on the driver and enforcing the law.
Director General of Road Traffic Safety Directorate, Dire Dawa Branch You are invited to participate in the application.

He said the training is designed to create awareness on the importance and application of speed limit devices. Source: Federal Transport Authority Dire Dawa Branch Office Facebook Page

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