Rising Ethiopian singer compared to Teamir Gizaw

In the Ethiopian music industry there arw many upcoming talents. Recently Teamr Gizaw has amazed her fans with such a great music video. Now the turn look like it is for the other girl who is compared to Teamir.

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Come and Let’s build the Taitu Cultural Center

The first fundraising and site promotion will take place today, March 13, 2013.

Founded by the famous Yani Alemtsehai Friend, the Taitu Center for Culture and Education has been a strong institution in the arts and education in Washington, DC, North America for the past twenty years.

The center has served as an accommodation and communication center for Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent living in different parts of the world to learn about their country, culture and language through art and education.

Recognizing that the center is a successful center for Ethiopians in the United States, the Addis Ababa City Administration has handed over the renovation of the residence of St. George W / Michael, which was built 117 years ago.

This project will be used to raise funds for the maintenance and start-up costs of the Taitu Cultural Center in Addis Ababa.

Next, the work will be officially launched, which will require the efforts of all Ethiopians.

The site of the Taitu Cultural Center in Addis Ababa is the archeological site of the residence of Bitwoded H / Giorgis W / Michael (Abba Mulat).

Bitweded H/giorgis W/michael, He was the first Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs during Menelik II’s reign and a great man who modernized Ethiopia’s diplomacy and trade.

Bitweded Hailegiorgis in the days of Lij Eyasu, He was the first prime minister and established the first municipal council in Addis Ababa, as in European cities.

He also served as the Mayor of Addis Ababa; He is credited with establishing a police force to make Addis Ababa a civilized city and keeping the city day and night.

The compound is already home to the beloved H / Giorgis W / Michael. It is a heritage site in the city. , Also a part of the Fanfar musicians in modern Ethiopian theater and music.

The center provides professional development in the field of Ethiopian art, arts, culture and media, provides training to local and foreign professionals, and facilitates forums for research on Ethiopian language, arts, culture, languages and history, and facilitates forums for discussion and demonstration.

We are there, standing by Alemtsehay.

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