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My husband and I have been in love for four years and I am not saying that marriage and love are different for 4 years. My husband and I did not have a good love life after marriage.

So I began to feel superior and my friends testified that I was a hero, so my pride increased and I stopped giving any respect to my husband.

Wherever I go at night, my husband is very angry and silent. So one night when I came home, he was very angry. Why don’t you have respect for your marriage? Where did our old love go? I was released from prison and asked for a divorce. Everyone said that you were right.

Then he, filled with grief, gave my share and sat alone. Two years later he married another woman and had a good life. But my life was ruined. Those who said you were right yesterday told me you were wrong today. Yesterday where his father lost his man They are living a good life for themselves but I am left alone All those who said we are with you are not with me today.

So even if your husband is a fool, you can still make a good marriage. Above all, honor your marriage. Marriage is a girl’s beauty. He is not good for the person who needs to be protected in your marriage. So stay away from such a person and do not listen to his advice.

Let’s use Facebook to share what we know, not to be known. It is good to know, and it is a virtue to tell what you know. All good things we do on earth will be rewarded in heaven forever. Let us always think of the good rather than the bad, for good is for ourselves. So if you find this article helpful, share it with your relatives so that they can read it and learn from it.

Suggested aritcle from Yare Negu

A big idea (Teddy Afro) is a loss if people with big ideas go unnoticed. They are wonderful people who come up with ideas, struggle with ideas, and develop solutions. Time will tell, so that they will not be forgotten. Teddy Afro owns thousands of ideas. Thousands of refined ideas come from him and are revealed by him. His great ideas endeared him to all. Teddy Afro: Let’s make our proud country proud on the world stage! He hopes for the development of Ethiopia and its people, and cares not only for me but for my people; He is a wonderful child of our country, steadfast in his word. We wish you a long and healthy life and love for you!

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