Burik – Bla bla new Ethiopian music 2021

Burik is a relatively new singer in Ethiopian music industry but he was able to break into the scene through his last music video which helped him introducing to the audience.

States, zones, and woredas are preparing for the Grade 12 National Examination.

He feels that preparations are being made to avoid problems, especially during the test.

For example, the Magdala Woreda Education Office of Amhara State announced today that it is preparing to complete the 12th grade exam without any problems.

In connection with the online test, the woreda office said that a dishwasher has been installed, a reliable generator has been set up to prevent the power outage, the test rooms are working properly and it is ready for the test.

The school office said that the exams were delayed due to various reasons and that the students were distracted and psychologically pressured.

It is stated that there will be a two-week internship period after the purchase of test tablets at the national level and that ICT professionals will be assisted by the students.

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