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Four solar power projects completed

Ethiopian Electic Utility said Solar power projects in four rural kebeles have been completed and put into service

Ethiopian Electric Service announces that solar power projects completed in four rural kebeles have been completed.

In a statement to Fana Broadcasting Corporation, the Ethiopian Electric Service stated that electricity is one of the most important infrastructures for the overall development of a country.

Therefore, various activities are being carried out to make this important sector fairly accessible in all cities and rural areas of the country.

It is said that it is working on a national electrification roadmap to expand access to electricity and provide access to 65 percent of the country’s main power plant and 35 percent of alternative energy sources by 2025.

As part of this, out of the 12 solar power projects that were started in 2012/13, four rural kebeles have been completed and are operational this budget year.

So far, solar power projects in Korle, Mino, Benishangul-Gumz, Benishangul-Gumz, and Angoge kebeles of Gambella State of Somalia have been completed and are providing electricity to the community.

46.3 percent of the solar power plant to be built in Benbaho, 46.1 percent in Wasel, 94.5 percent in Beltu town, 85.5 percent in Beima Kebele, 92.3 and 95. 8 percent performance.

It is also stated that 49.78 percent of the construction to be built in Aree Kebele of Tigray State and 60.25 percent of the construction to be built in Kusarwad Kebele of Afar State.

The total cost of the 12 solar power projects will be borne by the World Bank at a cost of 8 million 516 thousand 758 US dollars and 59 million 614 thousand 998 birr by the Ethiopian government, which will generate a total of 3.8 megawatts of power.

Upon completion, the project will benefit more than 71,000 customers and will significantly contribute to the socio-economic benefits of the society.

It is also expected to provide electricity to local health facilities, agricultural centers, schools, mills, water facilities and other service providers.

He further said that plans are underway to benefit 25 rural towns and villages away from the main power plant.

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