Addisgo is dedicated to Ethiopian and East African web surfers to provide with a valuable information about variety of topics. The topics ranges from general information to technology news. The news covers about Ethiopian celebrity, sports, politics, Addis Ababa, culture, tourism, and telecom.

Most of the technology news articulates around Ethio Telecom, the sole service provider in the company. We cover the areas which will help its customers to get the required information about the company. You can get information’s such as the packages the company provides for mobile service users, fixed line customers and Internet service subscribers. The tariff information as it happens, which will give an insight for users and prepare them selves accordingly if necessary.

In our sport column, we will cover elite European leagues such as the English Premier league, Spanish La-liga, Italian Seri A, Germany Bundesliga, and French League A. In EPL, we focus on teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs. We have different football analysts that are working with us to provide a valuable information to the users.

In our general information part, there a lot we provide that can help visitors with latest news about Ethiopia. The most common news are regarding the capital city, tourism areas in ETHIOPIA, cultural heritages that have been registered on UNESCO. This heritages are of two fold as a tangible and non tangible. The tangible heritages includes Axum monument, Lalibela church, Dire SHek Hussien and others. Where as, non tangible heritages include Meskel celebration, Epiphany, Irrecha and others.