Artist Amleset Muchie donation

Amleset Muchie donated to donkey tube charity work for the EOTC.

Amleset Muchie, a wife of famous singer Teddy Afro, donated 10000USD for the charity organized by comedian Eshetu Melese.


Bench Sheko Zone has recorded excellent results of the development works started following the relative peace in Gurafarda district :- Dr. Alemu Sme

Senior leaders of the federal government visited various development projects in South West Ethiopia People’s Region, Bench Sheko Zone, Guraferda District.

In the district, the government, farmers and associations cultivated maize, rice, masho, rice and other economically important mango and banana fruit products.

According to Dr. Alemu Sme during the visit, Minister of Transport and Logistics, Dr. Alemu Sme said that the people have taken advantage of the relative peace that has come in the Gurafarda district of Bench Sheko Zone and have recorded excellent results.

In his opinion, Dr. Alemu Sme said that with the idea of ​​Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, big projects have been started as a country that can bring the country out of the economic crisis it is facing and bring it to the tower of prosperity.

He said that these are the winter volunteer service, green footprint, chart for generation projects and Lemat legacies that can increase production and productivity and other development activities.

Dr. Alemu Sme said that due to the relative peace that has come in the Regional Bench, Sheko Zone, Gurafarda District, the people have turned to development and the changes in the development works have been started.

He said that the society should stand by the government and cooperate with the government to use the natural resources properly and work together to increase the income potential.

According to information from South West Ethiopia People’s Region Communication Affairs, the federal government has said that it will work hard to maintain the peace in the region by strengthening the security structure in cooperation with the region.

The Minister of State for Defense, Dr. Ahmadine Mohammed, urged the public to stay away from various false information to maintain peace after the previous security problem has been resolved.

During the visit, the Executive Director of Energina Fuel Authority, Mrs. Sahrala Abdullah, said that the attention paid to nature by the local people is admirable.

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