Artist Halima got a proper sending from her colleagues

Famous artist Halima recently hospitalized after she has failed to control her body movement. As the doctors board decided she will be attending her treatment abroad.


Mayor Adanech urged the construction of unfinished communal houses to be completed by June

Mayor Adanech, who evaluated the existence of a gap in not completing the construction of common residences in the scheduled time, attributed this problem to the lack of cement, the increase in the price of various construction materials and the difference in price; He said that we have realized that there is a lack of bank loans, the lack of coordination of institutions and the problem of border enforcement.

However, by overcoming these problems, the government will complete the basic construction of shared housing immediately, so that the rest of the users can be satisfied, and the infrastructure provider institutions have been directed to complete the remaining works in a coordinated and speedy manner, he said.

Due to lack of resources and differences in prices, the constructions were completed by the month of June.

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