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Eve with athlete Haile Gebresilassie at his new grand hotel

Athlete Haile Gebresilassie has opened a brand new hotel in Addis Ababa and Fana BC crew has spent the eve with him. Enjoy the interview.

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The experts and leaders of the Land and Development Management Office of Ylemmi Kura District apologized to the community and announced that the office has started working in a new way.

The experts and leaders of the Land and Development Management Office of Lemi Kura sub-district bowed down to apologize to the community and promised to compensate with sincerity and efficient procedures and officially launched the service on 3rd of August.

On that day, the chief executive of the city, Mr. Tilahun Roba, the head of the land development and management office, Mr. Geremwe Warku, the deputy manager of the office, Mr. Habtamu Wanaya and the experts of the office were present and announced the start of work.

CEO Mr. Tilahun said in a speech during the reception for customers, we apologize for closing the service in order to fix the many problems. Now we have changed the leadership as soon as possible.

However, we do not think that change will come just because we have changed leadership, but we are determined to work together with the community. He said that we will punish the wronged farmers and residents well. If we cannot do that, we will leave ourselves saying that we have lost, but no one should be abused while we are here.

Clients also said that if the management works with commitment and sincerity, they will contribute to make the sub-city a developed and model sub-city to work together and provide any support.

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