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The result of Addis Ababa’s 8th grade city-wide exam has been announced

The Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office announced that the results of the 2014 school year’s 8th grade city-wide exam have been announced.

According to the office, 63.9 percent of the students who sat for the exam scored 50 and above.

The office announced that this is the highest result compared to the city-wide 8th grade results recorded in previous years.

Since the role of all stakeholders is great in registering the result, the office expressed its gratitude to all the parties who took responsibility to register this result.

It has been reported by ESA that from today July 18/2014, students can check their results online through the address to be announced by the office.

The data obtained from the Addis Ababa Education Bureau shows that 71 thousand 832 students took the eighth grade exam in Addis Ababa city.

The fire accident that happened in Manlash Thar area was brought under control without causing serious damage

The Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission of the Addis Ababa City Administration said that the fire that occurred in Addis Ababa Sub-district of Addis Ababa city this morning has been contained without causing serious damage.

Ngatu Mamo, public relations expert of the Addis Ababa City Administration Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission, told ESA that at 1:06 this morning, a fire broke out at a commercial shop in Addis City sub-city district 01.

Ato Ngatu said that as soon as the commission received the call of the accident, nine fire control vehicles and 70 emergency personnel were deployed from the branch stations.

They said that the emergency workers were able to control the fire in a short time due to their intensive cooperation with the local community.

In this process, 108,000 liters of water was used to completely extinguish the fire, Ngatu said.
The expert explained that no one was injured in the accident and thanked the security forces for reaching the spot quickly and supporting us.

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