Famous artist Nardos Adane introduced her lover

Nardos speaks about her fans fiancee. She is one of the most talented Ethiopian actresses. She is known for her humble personality and participation in religious and charity activities.

Public Enterprises in Oromia Region need to work to fill market gaps – Shimeles Abdissa

Addis Ababa: June 14, 2022. The head of state of Oromia, Shimeles Abdissa, has urged public enterprises in the state to focus on filling market gaps.

The head of state discussed various issues with the leaders of the enterprise in the region.

At the same time, Shimeles said it is important to identify the government’s needs and priorities for development.

He also urged the management of the enterprise to move away from the usual practices and implement new ideas and strategies that will lead to success.

He said companies should be guided by a business model and focus on efficiency.

In particular, he said, they should use modern technology and innovation to save time and money.

He said the enterprises will be able to fill the gaps in the market.

Not only that, but they also stressed the need for these public enterprises to develop a clear business plan.

ENA also said that the companies should always bring new products to the market.

He added that if they lead in this way, they will be able to compete internationally and internationally.

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