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Addis Ababa Tenants’ Proof of Possession Application Deadline to End Tomorrow!

The city’s Land Tenure, Registration and Information Agency has urged landlords in Addis Ababa to apply for a land tenure application.

In the six consecutive working days since the agency received its title deed on Thursday, April 20, more than 11,300 landlords have applied for title deeds.

Owners of selected zones and neighborhoods are invited to submit submissions by submitting identification, passport, driver’s license, and other relevant information to the subdivisions where the application process will be processed until May 5.

He said 336 selected community observers are participating in the registration process.

Government prepares 780 billion birr budget for next year ️ ️

The Federal Government of Ethiopia (FGS) has announced that it has prepared 780 billion birr budget for the new fiscal year, which will begin in two months, according to sources close to the matter.

The new budget is about 100 billion birr more than last year’s budget. The budget for the fiscal year 2014 was 680 billion birr.

The country’s economy, which has endured many hurdles this year, is expected to face even greater challenges next year, and we have heard in discussions during the budget preparation that the government’s current 780 billion birr budget deficit is likely to be severely depleted.

The budget for 2015 will increase by 100 billion birr from 2014, but it will not change much in terms of foreign exchange rates.

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