Artist Daniel Tegegne amazing wedding ceremony

Artist Daniel Tegegn is one of the popular personalities in the Ethiopian film industry.

Oromia Job Creation and Skills Bureau announced that it is working to expand job creation skills and technology to benefit citizens.

The bureau consulted with university scholars and colleges in Adama today on the process of expanding entrepreneurial skills and technology.

At the same time, the head of the bureau, Ahmed Andris, said the use and expansion of technology has a significant role to play in enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of citizens.
He said it will not only increase the creativity of the youth but also enable them to create more jobs.

He said innovation and professional development should be a priority to be competitive, adding that technology should be expanded and developed.
He said the bureau has prepared more than 860 training standards for the trainees to acquire the necessary knowledge.

The head of the bureau added that the trainees are being sent to colleges gradually and are undergoing training.
He said the forum has been set up as the link between colleges and universities is important for this.

Regional Planning and Economic Development Cooperation Commissioner, Dr. Abdulaziz Dawud, said technical and vocational education and training colleges are expected to build manpower that can connect skills and technology.

He said the only way to replace imported products with domestic products is to create a skilled workforce by combining skills and technology.

According to the commissioner, this can only be done when polytechnic colleges are aware of the current situation and focus on innovation and technology adaptation and expansion.

Adam Kemal, Head of Training Sector of Oromia Job Creation and Skills Bureau, presented a discussion paper.
According to the official, 70% of the new job and skills training strategy is being implemented instead of theory.
He said work is underway to enroll more than 220 technical and vocational colleges in the new training system.

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