Comedian Eshetu surprised this girl

Comedian Eshetu is a famous YouTuber having two popular channels. The first channel name is ‘donkey tube’ amassing more than 1 million subscribers and 100 million views. The second channel is named ‘Cimedian Eshetu’ which has more than 200K sub’s.

Comedian Eshetu is creative in his videos. They are focusing on many topics which are engaging to the viewers. In this video he has given 33,250 birr to a girl who sales bean.


Somali people come to the forefront of Ethiopia’s political history: Regional Communication Bureau.

The Somali people have come to the forefront of political decision-making in Ethiopia’s political history, the regional communication bureau said.

The Somali Regional State Communication Bureau issued a statement regarding public discussions, drought and field visits in the region.

The statement said that the drought in the Somali region has helped the people and animals to cope with the effects of the drought.

He thanked various regions, community members, investors, donors and humanitarian organizations as well as the government for their support and cooperation in coping with the drought.

The statement said the risk of drought has been reduced due to the onset of spring rains in all parts of the region.

Strong preparations have been made to benefit flood-affected people in the region as well as to prevent floods, epidemics and related issues in the region due to the onset of spring rains.

The regional disaster risk management and health bureau leaders, in collaboration with other stakeholders, have set up committees to provide the necessary cooperation and support to the woredas and kebeles.

On the other hand, senior leaders of the Somali Prosperity Party discussed current issues, peace, development, cost of living, drought situation and solutions to the decisions made by the Prosperity Party Conference.

Delegates from the Prosperity Party as well as the federal government show that the Somali people have made the transition from observation to true Ethiopian political decision-making in Ethiopia’s political history, the statement said.

Citizens call for road and water projects to be completed after the drought.

He said the regional government will take the questions, comments and suggestions raised by the people in all sectors as input and will provide lasting solutions to the problems.

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