Tallest Ethiopian man meets Seifu

These two are record holders for being the shortest woman and tallest man. He is a towering presence when he stands next to Seifu Fantahun. They had a great chat and you can enjoy this best interview.

The number of eye surgeons in Ethiopia is said to be less than ten

According to Lena Ayele, Director General of Eye Bank, in an interview with Bisrat Radio, the number of ophthalmologists in Ethiopia is low. Even if the number increases, there are still not enough specialist eye surgeons.

He said there are no government hospitals in Ethiopia that can perform eye transplants outside of Addis Ababa, including Jimma Hospital, Gondar Hospital, Gondar State Hospital, Mekelle University Haider Specialized Hospital, and Hawassa University Hospital. Lena said there are no more than 10 ophthalmologists in public and private health facilities.

He said it is important to increase the number of eye transplant specialists in order to collect eye transplants and open branches in regions.

According to a survey conducted in Ethiopia 15 years ago, some 300,000 people have been diagnosed with cataracts.

Arba Minch hosts over 7,000 Ethiopian tourists in January

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, visited Arba Minch, the capital of Gamo Gofa Zone, in response to the invitation of 1 million Diaspora Ethiopians and friends to come to Ethiopia.

According to Dawit Tadesse, Head of Communication, Arbaminch Zuria Woreda, more than 7,000 Ethiopians have visited the city following the call. You have removed the display.

He said 21,530 Ethiopians and 343 foreigners visited the White Grass National Park and Crocodile Farm last year, earning more than half a million birr. However, he told Bisserat Radio that work is underway to adjust the price.

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