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Meet the Prime Minister’s Special Award.

National Macroeconomic Committee
(FDRE Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the opening of the 53-story building of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia awarded five individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the economy. One of them is the National Macroeconomic Committee.)

The Committee

The economy of our country, which has been growing for consecutive years, is due to the lack of development finance model that we have followed over the past two decades and our lack of readiness to rectify the problems observed quickly; It is worth noting that it has been hit hard by macroeconomics.

As a result, the macroeconomic stability has been crucial to sustaining economic growth, and the main task of the transitional government has been to prevent the economy from escalating into a crisis.

Looking back on this situation, the main manifestation of the crisis was the unhealthy financial sector. For example, between 2010 and 2020, public sector loans from the Ministry of Finance doubled. This policy of financing development with commercial loans, coupled with poor project performance by public enterprises, has put the financial sector at risk.

Public enterprises were forced to take on more debt in order to pay off their debts. This relentless risky debt has led to an unhealthy financial sector as a whole. In particular, the quality of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s assets has been declining over time and its financial existence has been called into question.

The main objective of the macroeconomic group was to address the economic crisis. To that end, it has decided to reduce its debt and build fiscal policy on a sustainable basis. It is imperative that we take advantage of extra-budgetary options to keep the economy afloat. To this end, it is necessary to examine the internal capacity of development organizations, monitor their project performance and push for better implementation. Before the new development projects went to the Commercial Bank for loans, a system was put in place to assess their economic viability through the Ministry of Planning and Development.

At the same time, in order to provide a lasting solution to the problem, it will assess the capacity of public enterprises to repay debts, repay those who are unable to repay, and facilitate those who can afford to repay them. Applied.

Meanwhile, by using the proceeds from telecom’s new license to pay off domestic debt, it has significantly contributed to the Bank’s financial viability and sustainability.

The macroeconomic team has consistently investigated and decided on these and other issues, keeping the economy afloat. In addition, it has been working to design the Indigenous Economic Reform Program to bring the economy back into a growth environment. Over the past half-year alone, he has met regularly, discussing over 110 agendas on 32 different topics and making decisions. All in all, he worked hard to turn these problems into trials and tribulations.

On behalf of the National Macroeconomic Committee, he received this special award from His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

This great man: They are known for providing experienced and knowledgeable ideas and providing effective leadership to create a stable and healthy macroeconomic context in our country, to enhance the participation of the private sector, to ensure equitable growth, and to create adequate and secure employment opportunities.

Three years ago, as a member of the newly formed National Macroeconomic Committee, he played a key role in formulating and implementing local economic reforms and programs.

He has served Ethiopia for the past forty years, ranging from being a novice economist in the Prime Minister’s Office to the current Senior Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister. In the meantime, he has served as Deputy Minister of Defense, Head of the Ethiopian Revenue Administration, Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Ethiopia’s Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the United States.

This great man: He hates laziness and selfishness, and is an exemplary leader who is punctual and disciplined.

He received this special award from the Prime Minister on behalf of the National Macroeconomic Committee. His Excellency Girma Birru, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister on Macroeconomics and Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ethiopia.

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