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Yared Negu ft. meski Menge – Kottuu Malee (New Ethiopian music 2022)

The National Lottery Administration has announced that it has earned 550 million birr in the last six months.

The National Lottery Administration said it has earned a total of 550.2 million birr from eight lotteries in the last six months of the 2014 Ethiopian budget year. It has earned a net profit of 144.8 million birr.

Due to security concerns in some areas, nine government offices were closed, and not enough lottery tickets were offered. National Lottery Administration Communication Affairs Director Tedros Nway told Bisrat Radio that the problem of lottery printing is not enough in the country.

He said action had been taken against 120 individuals and 16 were sentenced to three years in prison and fined 50,000 birr.

In the past six months, up to 20 million birr has been paid to the lucky winners and 219 million birr has been paid to the lucky winners. He told Bisrat Radio.

Addis Ababa Trade Bureau says there is no inflation on fruits and vegetables despite 14% weekly price increase

Consumers who complained to Bisrat Radio about the increase in prices of fruits and vegetables in Addis Ababa complained. He explained that he was shocked.

The Addis Ababa Trade Bureau, for its part, said that the bureau has been working to prevent inflation, but that the bureau has not increased the inflation so far.

He noted that the government had launched a Sunday market a few months ago to curb inflation. He added that there was no panic.

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