I wish to see my son walking again

Parents who do not send their children to school in Tanzania could be arrested.

Parents who do not send their children to school will be arrested in the Tanzanian capital, Dodoma, next week.

It is said that the decision was made by the commissioner emotionally and two weeks after the start of the school year, the commissioner made the decision after visiting a local school yesterday.

Some parents are complaining that their children are being hired to do small jobs or housework.

A monument to Colonel Bezab Petros has been erected in his hometown of Hossaina, Hadiya Zone, Southern Region.

Colonel Bezab Petros is a national hero of the Ethio-Somalia and Ethio-Eritrean warships in which he was a member of the Ethiopian Air Force.

The project was funded by the Hadiya Development Association (HALMA) at a cost of 45.5 million shillings.

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