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Over 1.3 billion USD attracting over the past five months, Investment Commission says

The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and the Addis Ababa Investment Bureau have jointly held a Skylight Hotel to encourage and encourage Diaspora investors who want to invest in the country.

Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor Jantar Abay on his part said Ethiopia has many investment opportunities.

He said the health, agriculture, transport, logistics, manufacturing, tourism development, energy and mining sectors are attractive investment opportunities for Diaspora investors.

He also said that investors who want to invest and take advantage of the opportunity can visit the commission’s website,

FDRE Investment Commission Commissioner, Lelise Neme, on her part said Ethiopia has attracted over $ 1.3 billion in investment over the past five months.

Commissioner Lelisse Neme also called on the Diaspora community to invest in Ethiopia and play their role as ambassadors by informing other investors of their investment opportunities in Ethiopia.

According to information obtained from the Addis Ababa City Press Secretariat, more than five ministries have presented investment opportunities at the forum.

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