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Ghanaian beauty pageant winner Ghana arrives in Addis Ababa

Dr. Setor Norgbe arrived in Addis Ababa to represent and promote Ethiopia’s history, culture and traditions.

Ghanaian medical psychiatrist and author Dr. Setor Norgebe has won the first round of the country’s beauty pageant by promoting Ethiopian history, civilization and traditional costumes at the Ghana Beauty Forum.

At the invitation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, many Diaspora Ethiopians are entering the country with the participation of Ethiopian friends and Africans.

Ghanaian psychiatrist and author Dr. Setor Norgebe has arrived in Addis Ababa tonight to express her special love for Ethiopia by promoting her beauty pageant in Ghana.

Upon her arrival at Bole International Airport, her Ethiopian friend Dr. Setor was greeted by celebrities and officials.

“It is impossible to talk about unity without talking about Ethiopia,” she said.

Dr. Settor impressed the judges by highlighting Ethiopia’s historical, cultural and spiritual values at the forum.

“We Africans are one, our cultures make us one people,” she said.

“Two great men, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Haile Selassie I, have laid a great foundation for the establishment of the African Union, now known as the African Union.” And Tia listed the stones.

“Ethiopians are a people with a unique calendar,” she said, adding that the country was the only African country that had never been colonized (ENA and others).

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