Interview with famous actress Nardos Adane

Nardos Adane gave an exclusive interview on Seifu on Ebs show. It is her first interview on this show as Seifu claimed.

She is a collected and calm presence. She has performed on more than eight Ethiopian movies. Now she is working as a distributor of sanitary products along side her movies.

Adequate arrangements have been made for Diaspora members to move safely through the capital

The Addis Ababa Police Commission announced that it has made arrangements to ensure the safety and security of Diaspora members in their areas of residence.

Ethiopians, Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent and friends of Ethiopia are entering the country following the call of ‘One Million Diaspora Home’.

Addis Ababa Police Commission Public Relations Head, Commander Fasika, told ENA that the police have made adequate preparations so that the Diaspora members can move around the capital safely.

He said security forces have made the necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth running of hotels, resorts, shopping malls, transport and other places.

Commander Fasika says security has been strengthened in Addis Ababa. He also said that when the Diaspora community returns to their home country, they will want to inform the international community of the truth and become ambassadors.

However, he said the commission would take appropriate action if anyone took advantage of the situation and committed acts of robbery and similar acts against the diaspora.

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