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About $ 9 billion was sent home from the Diaspora. State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said over the past three years, about 9 billion USD has been sent to the Diaspora community.

Ambassador Birtukan Ayano held an online discussion with relevant diplomats and representatives of the Diaspora Public Diplomacy Group aimed at strengthening the ongoing public diplomacy and fundraising efforts of the Diaspora.

He recalled that during the previous period, many Ethiopians living abroad and those of Ethiopian descent were barred from entering their country and participating in the affairs of their country. According to Ambassador Birtukan, the recent changes in the country have created new opportunities for the Diaspora community and opportunities for nation ownership.

He said nearly nine billion dollars in foreign exchange has been sent home over the past three years, which has created investment opportunities for thousands of people.

He also said that in terms of public diplomacy, he has carried out a number of successful activities. He said the government is providing institutional support by establishing the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, taking into account the potential benefits of the Diaspora.

State Minister, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, on the occasion said Ethiopia has maintained its independence through the sacrifices made by our forefathers for the liberation of the country.

He further added that the Diaspora has been able to make the struggle not only for Ethiopia but for all Africans and for all freedom-loving people as a result of the strong efforts made by the Diaspora against the unjust pressure of some countries on Ethiopia and the false diplomacy of these forces and their media.

He also thanked them for their support in the short term, using the app designed to support the displaced.

He also said that the Diaspora is contributing to the country by abandoning its private life as a group and individually joining the struggle.

His Excellency Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia

He also announced that a national committee headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been officially formed.

Ambassador Birtukan called on the Diaspora to continue its public diplomacy and fundraising activities, noting that the pressure on our country is likely to continue.

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