Mastewal response about her birthday party

As Mastewal started posting videos and photos of her birthday party her fans has started criticizing her. They have told her it is not time to spend such a money while there are millions starving.

Negash Wagesho has been appointed Deputy Governor of the South West State of Ethiopia

The newly formed 11th South West Ethiopian People’s Regional State Council has appointed Brother Kurtan as the new Speaker of the Regional Council.

The formation of the state was held in Bonga town with the participation of invited representatives from the five zones and one special woreda.

Accordingly, the House of Representatives approved the appointment of Dr. Eng.

Addis Ababa Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

Various car owners have repeatedly complained to Bisrat Radio that they could not get it, but brokers are telling us that it can be paid if we pay between 10,000 and 30,000 birr. According to Dawit Zeleke, Deputy General Manager of the Authority’s Vehicle Sector, the service is not being provided due to the lack of board production.

Regarding the complaint, the official said that no one has come forward claiming that they are being paid, but that the complaint that we have not received a license plate is valid due to the lack of a vehicle license in the country. He also said that the suspension of vehicle plate production was due to the loss of its legal status by the Ethiopian Roads Authority and the fact that the production of license plate was given to the public transport department.

“We are in the process of concluding a contract with the Public Service Bureau,” he said.

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