Henok Dinku Squid game challenge

Squid game is a popular Netflix show which was viewed by millions across the globe. The game seems simple yet not easy. Many have started challenge of the movie and this one is African version, please do enjoy it.


A black American who has been wrongfully imprisoned for 26 years has been pardoned

Donta Sharp, an African-American from North Carolina, has been jailed for 26 years for mistakenly killing a white man.

George Radcliffe was charged in 1994 with murdering 15-year-old Charlene Johnson.

Sharp’s 26-year struggle to overturn the decision was overturned by a 2019 Supreme Court judge.

Sharp is said to be entitled to compensation from the state of North Carolina.

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More than 30 million birr worth of contraband items have been seized

The Customs and Excise Commission said it has seized more than 30 million birr worth of contraband items last week.

According to the commission, over 26.1 million birr in revenue and over 3.9 million birr worth of contraband items were seized at 11 branches last week.

According to the commission, the contraband was seized during a joint operation by customs officials, federal police, regional police and members of the public.

Among the items seized were clothing, electronics, coffee, medicine, cosmetics, weapons, drugs and money from various countries.

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