Feta show host Getaneh Tsehaye speaks about Ayal

Fetashow famous host Getaneh Tsehaye speaks about his love story with Ayal from Eregnaye drama and about his new music.

Zeway Prison Center to start training inmates in driving skills.

Zeway Prison Center announces completion of preparatory work to train inmates in public driving skills. He noted that the preparatory work that has been done to train inmates to become more knowledgeable about driving is encouraged.

According to Inspector Fikre Abiyu, Director of Zeway Prison, the center will alleviate the shortage of training vehicles in the camp within a few days. According to the Federal Prisons Commission Establishment Proclamation, inmates will be provided with in-laws training in driving.

According to Inspector Fikre, preparations are underway to expand the training not only in one center but also in other prisons.

Preparatory work has been done in collaboration with Oromia Transport Bureau. A practical training workshop has been set up to put the event into action, and theoretical education and field training have also been provided.

Zeway Prison, Director General of Zeway Prison, Fikre Abiyu, told Bisrat Radio that preparations have been completed to organize a workshop on how to start a driving career by importing trainers from Batu City Technical and Vocational Training and the Federal Prison Commission Central Garage.

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