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Heinken handed over the building he built for Ethiopia to the giraffe.

Ethiopia | Heinken Ethiopia demolished and handed over a wooden and mud building, which would have endangered the lives of the residents due to the age of the giraffe.

The building houses five families of 42 families. It also included a mother of six living in a house of less than five square feet [5 sq m].

According to Taza Tarfu, a mother of two, she was sleeping under two beds due to space constraints.

“Now my children are going to get out of bed and put me to bed,” she said.

Heinken handed over 53 standard housing units from Reu to the residents last year.

According to Fikadu Beshah, the company’s external relations manager, Heineken plans to help people in similar situations in Cherkos next year.


In Ethiopia, 11.3 percent of adolescents are said to be obese

Statistics on obesity in Ethiopia show that the prevalence is 4 percent in rural areas and more than 21 percent at urban levels, according to the Institute of Public Health.

Dr. Aregash Samuel, a nutritionist at the Institute of Public Health, told Bisrat Radio that despite the fact that 37 percent of children suffer from malnutrition in Ethiopia, the number has increased to 11.3 percent due to obesity.

Most of these teens are under the age of five, and the rest are under the age of 20, he said.

According to Dr. Aregash, 8% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 in Ethiopia are overweight and 3% are men.

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