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The Dire Dawa Administration Mayor’s Office provided awareness on the importance and implementation of the concept of rebranding to the institution’s staff and accountable institutions.

    The Dire Dawa Mayor's Office, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by our country and the new phase of our administration, to take a look at the main framework and focus areas of the newly formed concept of rebranding. Awareness raising was provided to the staff of the institution as well as to the affected institutions as a consensus was reached on the importance and implementation of the concept of rebranding in order to encourage existing directorates and sustain the results.

     In his opening remarks, Dire Dawa Mayor's Office Head, Gebeyew Tilahun, said the public servant, who can effectively carry out the government's policies and programs as well as various missions, fully understands the government's development, good governance and democratization process. According to Gebeyew Tilahun.

    He also said that the country should not only play its role in overcoming the current crisis, but also serve the people honestly and sincerely.

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