Miky and Meaza on Maya show

These two are among the best couples in the Ethiopian film industry. Micky was known for his amazing performance on Yewendoch Guday movie number one and two. While Meaza is known for her role in Eregnaye TV series on Arts television which is aired three times a week.

1.7 million people live with diabetes in Ethiopia A project has been launched to provide insulin supply at a reduced cost

Dr. Getahun Tarekegne, President of the Ethiopian Diabetes Association, told Bisrat Radio that the project, which was launched today, will enable ICT to provide safe insulin to diabetics in all parts of the country, especially those in need.

He said the drug is safe in areas where it has not been used in the past, as well as for people with severe cases of the disease, as well as for children and the elderly.

The project was implemented by the Ethiopian Diabetes Association, an insulin-producing company called Novernodisk, the Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Agency, and the Ethiopian Red Crescent Society.

The project is being carried out with due regard to the fact that there is a shortage of insulin supply in Ethiopia and there are many problems with diabetes, including blindness.

There are currently 463 million diabetics in the world, 19 million in Africa and 1.7 million in Ethiopia, Dr. Getahun said.

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