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“The technology introduced by the corporation can solve the huge housing shortage in the cities,” said Ambassador Girma Birru, the macroeconomic adviser to the prime minister.

The Prime Minister’s Macroeconomic Advisor, Ambassador Girma Birru, together with the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, as well as the Chairman of the Corporation’s Executive Board, Teferi Fikre, and the Corporation’s Chief Executive, Mr. Reshad Kemal, are finalizing the Gerji Modern Village Project. Today, you have completed a modern apartment building in the Bole area, which is now ready for use.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, Ato Reshad Kemal, briefed Ambassador Girma Birru on the construction process and the progress of the projects.

During his visit, Ambassador Girma Birru on his part said the corporation has been engaged in the housing development sector for many years and has been able to use technologies that could change the Ethiopian construction industry. He said the aluminum formwork technology implemented in Gerji modern village could solve the huge housing shortage in the cities.

Ambassador Girma Birru, Secretary General

He said the knowledge transfer and experience gained during the construction process will provide an opportunity to be used for future large-scale housing development projects.

“Ethiopia can only laugh when the rural community laughs,” said Christian Tadele

The 6th round of the 1st special session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives is being held today.

Christian Tadele, a new member of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, said there is no institution that can achieve comprehensive transformation for the rural community.

He said rural housing improvement program should be made accessible to the rural community. He also said that we can only improve as a country when the overall situation of the rural community can be improved. He said Ethiopia can only laugh when the rural community laughs.

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