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Federal Supreme Court President Maeza Ashenafi, Vice President of the Federal Supreme Court President Solomon Areda, members of the Federal Judicial Council, leaders and judges of the Federal Court of First Instance, conference nominees, administration officials and experts attended the event in Adama on October 30, 2014.

In his opening remarks, the President of the Court, Fouad Kiar, said that the court’s capacity to clean up the archives, resolve late delays, improve the courtesy of clients with due respect and respect has contributed to the overall results of the court. House staff and court partners noted their significant contribution.

According to the Federal Courts Proclamation No. 1234/2013, the preparatory works were carried out last year and entered into full implementation this budget year. According to Fouad, the court focused on the main issues to be addressed in 2014, adhering to the Federal Supreme Court’s case management guidelines, resolving cases within the stipulated time and ensuring efficiency and quality, and the ethical issues in the judiciary. To work hard is to fully implement the rules and regulations issued and issued following the proclamation.

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