Prophet Israel Dansa gift to singer Cabinet on his wedding

Prophet Israel Dansa, the founder of Jesus wonderful television (JWT) has gifted 200000 birr in cash, a car and a house to the newly wedded singer Abinet. We congratulate singer Abinet and thank prophet Israel for his generosity.

Addis Ababa City Administration handed over construction site to Gofa People’s Cultural Center.

Mayor Adanech Abebe handed over the construction site to Gofa Zone leaders today.

Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebe, House of Peoples’ Representatives Minister of State Tesfaye Beljige, Gofa Zone Chief Administrator Getnet Begashaw, federal, Addis Ababa city officials and zonal residents were present at the event.

According to Mayor Adanech Abebe, the establishment of Gofa and Oida Cultural Center in Addis Ababa shows that the city is a cultural museum of all Ethiopian nationalities.

Mayor Adanech Abebe on his part said it will play an important role in boosting the city’s tourism sector as well as strengthening the unity and love of the people.

He said the people of the zone should work together for the completion of the cultural center and the city administration will provide the necessary support.

The Chief Administrator of Gofa Zone, Dr. Getnet, on his part, thanked the city administration for responding to the request made by the city administration to promote the culture of Gofa and Oida months ago.

The Gofa Development and Prosperity Development Association has been officially established in Addis Ababa.

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