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Ethiopian Mother Theresa

He was born in 1930 in the area of Shebel and was raised by his grandparents after his father died in World War II.

But when they were 10 years old, they disappeared into the city and were forced to marry.

After coming to Addis Ababa, he received a basic education and began working as a quality supervisor for a coffee and crop company.

When they moved to Gishen in 1965, Wollo was hit by a drought; At that moment, they saw a baby girl lying next to her dead mother, and they took the food they had with them and another baby and returned to Addis Ababa.

Within a year, they had 19 children, including 19 children.

They are currently raising more than 150 children in their organization.

In addition to child rearing, the organization offers a variety of education, HIV / AIDS prevention services, and women’s empowerment services.

Because of their work, they are known as Mazar Theresa, an African.

He owns one of the oldest orphanages.

To date, 12,000 children in need have grown up in the organization; More than 1.5 million people have directly or indirectly benefited from the organization.

Abebech Gobena Children’s Care and Development Association (AGOULMA) also announced its retirement, according to the social networking site.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Dr. Abebech Gobena, one of the world’s most influential women and the African mother of Teresa, who passed away this morning.

Dr. Abebech Gobena (Edaye) was recently arrested in Covod-19 and is being treated at the Paulus Hospital Intensive Care Center.

According to the biography of Abebech Gobena Children’s Care and Development Association (AGOULMA), her father was killed during the war with Italy, and Abebech grew up in her grandparents’ home until she was nine years old.

They were forced into marriage at the age of nine and were reportedly unhappy at the time.

He later came to Addis Ababa to study basic education and got a job as a quality supervisor at a company.

Abebech Gobena is the founder of an orphanage in Ethiopia, the oldest orphanage in the country.

It all started with a religious pilgrimage to St. Mary’s Church in Wollo.

The place was starving, and when they returned, they saw a baby lying next to its dead mother.

They picked up the boy and took him home, and they also took the second child they found lying next to his dead father.

In one year, Abebech Gobena, who brought home 21 orphans, remained with her for three decades.

Abebech, who was helped by her own efforts and gradually began to receive help, enrolled in a European orphanage in 1986.

According to the organization, Abebech Gobena Orphanage has 200 boarding schools and 482 outpatients.

The children they raise are called ‘debtors.’ They believe that this name describes what they are doing today.

Abebech Gobena, founded by Abebech Gobena, has supported thousands of vulnerable children for more than three decades.

Jimma University awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Abebech Gobena for his good deeds.

Abebech Gobena, known for her good deeds, passed away on June 27, 2013.

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