Rahel Getu interview on Seifu show

An honorable bride for you, not silver!

Life is full of love, not silver. If you make money at any time, you can get it, but love is from the Creator.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of pretending to be someone you are not.

He pretends to be a man and does what he does not want to do until he gets what he wants. You see such a man change his life like a moth.

If you fall into the trap of indecisiveness, you will spend the rest of your life struggling to make ends meet.

Happiness comes when the inner desire can be expressed freely.

Even if he seems to be doing something wrong to you, do not be too lenient with him.

I long for a man who will give you pure love from wealth and material things.

Look at the pure love that comes with a man’s wealth or pocket, not the man’s wealth.

Best articles

One day a young man was on his way to a country
He won the night and was eaten by a hyena in front of him
The small village you see leads to the village and says,
Am I a stranger?
He was a man and a host, so he said, “Come in.”
The narrow passage invites him. The young man entered the house a little
After he had rested, he was given water for his feet, washed, and supper
It is served and eaten.

When the master of the house thought of a bed for the young boy, there was no place to sleep
He thinks for a while and then comes up with an idea. This idea is different
He has no choice but to sleep with his daughter.
“My guest son is sleeping in this bed with my son,” he says
He divides the bed into two pillows and puts it to sleep.

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