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There was a rich man in the country. He also had a daughter who was about to get married, and your daughter Darlene was frequently questioned by many men. The aggrieved father announced that he would not marry his daughter, but increased the number of applicants.
He could not stop it.

The confused father then goes to the elders and explains everything that is going on. If the elders listen carefully, they will give you a piece of advice. If you fill the coin to the brim, all those who have asked for a marriage will be married
Gather and command them, and say to them,

I will make my son run in front of you. The one running among you will say, ‘He will marry my daughter.’ At this point, the people agreed to the father’s order. Then the father goes to his son, and when my son is chasing you, someone tells you to take the coin out of your pocket and throw it on the floor.

The girl obeys her father, and the race begins. Then, when one of the runners grabbed her, she pulled out the coin and scattered it, leaving the man behind to pick up the coin. She took out the coin and scattered it all over her
They left and picked up the coin.

The girl’s load was lightening and she was speeding, and all those who were trying to catch her left her and went to pick up the coin that was scattered in her pocket. But a poor man chased after her and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck.

Seeing this, the father rejoiced to find someone who could be his son’s husband. He married his son.

Why do so many of us go to God’s house? Seeking blessings, money, marriage, a house, a car, a captive, or a search for God Himself? None of us can deceive God.

He knows the secret desires of each one of us.
Let us seek his face, not his hand, but his son.

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