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Eregnaye Season 2 Episode 2 – Sayat Demissie drama

eregnaye part 2

Eregnaye has started season after one month break. The drama continues to be a talking point for movie lovers.

In the first season there were lots of things that needs to be sorted out. Now it seems like a moment of truth is on us. Enanaye, the character represented by our very loved actress Sayat Demissie did a heroics by saving the life of the sheep she was Shepherding.

In the last episode of the season one, Sayat also called Enana was in trouble while trying to save the sheep. But Solomon representing Dawit, rescued the life of Enana and the sheep she was trying to save. He did if while others were out of idea.

The Executive Committee has passed various decisions on the alleged inflation in the Somali region.

Food prices have been rising in all parts of Somalia recently, causing undue inflation.

The main reasons for inflation are:

  1. Very low food production in the region
  2. The food consumed by the people is imported and does not sell to the region’s traders in Ethiopia and costs a lot of dollars.
  3. Traders in the Somali region are impatient to wait for the National Bank’s exchange rate to receive foreign exchange from the National Bank and to accept the dollar exchange rate.
  4. Inflation is caused by people who have little money converted to dollars after hearing false information on social media that the country is collapsing and disintegrating.

Decision to solve the problem:

  1. Establish an emergency government food import company.
  2. Ask the federal government for permission to import duty-free food in the state.
  3. Legal claim that merchants should not close their shops or warehouses as usual, and that they should sell groceries at exorbitant prices, and that anyone found to be selling food wrongly should be prosecuted.
  4. Take immediate action against banks, money transfer companies and individuals involved in exchange rate fluctuations and exchange rates.


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