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The story of Hanan Tariq and the amazing wedding ceremony

Hanan Tariq has released a new funny video and there is a big wedding ceremony in the city featuring model Helen Teklay and St George player Amanuel. The wedding did get attention from social media but not much from the main stream media even if he is regular Ethiopian football team player.

My father died when I was three years old; My mother-in-law was responsible for raising me, and she raised me at great cost to her only child.

My mother raised me with many sacrifices, and I grew up to be an adult; I now have a girlfriend who has been with me for over two years.

We had a great time with my boyfriend and we decided to get married soon; But before we got married, we agreed that we should get to know her family.

For my part, I told my biological mother that I was going to marry her and asked her who I was thinking of marrying; But my mother was very upset because my mother was not happy.

When she heard this, she became very angry and warned me not to marry the girl I was planning to marry; Confused, I asked her why, and she answered unexpectedly.

She also explained that my father had been killed by my boyfriend and the uncle of the girl I was planning to marry, and I was confused by what I heard.

My mother-in-law told me that if I married her, I would not be her daughter and that she would never stay away from me, even though she would stay away from me.

I love my mother so much that I will not leave her. She has done a lot for me.

And she will not be separated from me at this time, I was the one who made her fall in love.

I was saddened by the fact that my mother, who raised me without a caregiver, did not continue to love her and marry me.

How can I run away from my love when I have to be by her side at this time? what can I do? Unable to decide, I stood at a crossroads.

What would you do?

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