Sayat Demissie revealed the reason why she raised the kid alone

Sayat Demissie has made her name in Ethiopian film industry. She has performed on several movies including slanchi, silet weys simet, and eregnaye.

Reporting false information posted on social media
The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) Bole Terminal has recently released false information on its foreign exchange and immigration visa service. It is not necessary to comment on all the false information released on social media about the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) on social media, but we would like to say a few words about the recent false information released by the public.

Recently, a foreigner visited our branch at Bole International Airport and paid $ 50 for a month-long visa to stay in Ethiopia. The branch also issued a receipt for their stay visa at the immigration window.

A Facebook user, Nathaniel Mekonnen, disguised the fact that the $ 50 fee was being paid for an immigration visa being issued at the bank’s branch, and posted false information on his Facebook page alleging that the passenger had exchanged $ 200 and that the employee had received a $ 50 receipt.
This false information was spread on the same day by the foreigner who had given $ 200 worth of receipts and pretended that he had been issued a $ 50 visa service for $ 200. This false information is an opportunity for our customers who know the service provided by our bank to comply with the law and order. However, it has negatively affected our bank branch and staff.

Therefore, we call on all our customers, partners, stakeholders and the entire community to be vigilant in the face of such false information being spread about our bank and to jointly prevent the negative effects of such actions, and we have attached $ 200 and $ 50 receipts to the outsourced person.

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