Etsehiwot Abebe Mohammed Miftah

Voter Registration in Addis Ababa

Voter registration was conducted at more than 1,600 polling stations in the Addis Ababa City Administration, and voter registration was disrupted for a variety of reasons.

The board

  1. After the voter registration was over 1500, he realized that there was a gap in the time it would take to open new sub-stations
  2. He noted that there was a lack of monitoring by polling station officials.
  3. After the opening of the sub-stations, the field survey stations on the areas of frequent complaints were found to be unaccounted for and sub-stations were not opened (for example, constituency 17, constituency 28).
  4. Low levels of government interference were observed during the election process.
    (Posting incorrectly labeled banners at each polling station, instructing executives, attending polling stations, determining registration blocks…)
  5. Offices to open polling stations, especially in condominium areas, are far from condominiums, particularly in Arabsa (constituency 17) and Ka Abado (constituency 28).

The main activities of the Board to address these issues

  1. A field visit was held in Addis Ababa led by senior board leaders regarding the opening of sub-stations and the closure of polling stations. …the likes of… 17, 28, 19…. Polling stations, polling stations, polling stations, etc. In addition to opening new polling stations, 30 sub-polling stations have been opened in two constituencies. This is to open up to 1,500 unused sub-stations.
  2. Despite their full responsibility, administrative action was taken against constituency officials who failed to coordinate this work. This includes not monitoring the distribution of materials, not addressing the needs of additional polling stations, not properly implementing sub-station distributions, and not controlling government interference. The contracts of seven constituency coordinators have been terminated and the head of the Addis Ababa City Electoral Desk has been terminated. In addition, operational upgrades and additional manpower have been made to improve internal capacity.
  3. We have informed the Addis Ababa City Administration to rectify the administrative interference.
  4. Polling stations and the number of voters have been disputed in the city where additional stations have been opened (this includes allocating new sites in consultation with the administration, distributing materials, and assigning executives).
  5. The addition of additional enrollment dates is expected to help address these issues.

In order to solve the voter registration problem in condominiums in Addis Ababa, we have requested the city government to open 47 new polling stations.

  1. In order to open 15 more new stations in Jemo Condominium, we have distributed 15 polling stations from the city government.
  2. 5 more new stations have been set up and distributed in Akaki Kalitu Sub-City Tuludimtu Condominium
  3. 5 more new stations have been set up and distributed in Akaki Kalitu Sub-City Gelan Condominium
  4. The administration of Yeka sub-city has informed the city government to prepare a place for the opening of 10 new stations in yeKa Abado condominium.
  5. We are waiting for the response from the city government to prepare a place to open an additional station for yeKa sub-city yeKa Hayat condominium 1.
  6. We are waiting for a response from the city government to make room for the opening of Bole Hayat 1 additional station in Bole sub-city
  7. We have announced the opening of 5 more stations in Arabsa Condominium in Bole Sub-City.
  8. Bole Sub-City Summit Condominium has announced the opening of 5 new stations and we are waiting for a response.

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia

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