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Morethan 31 million people registered for the 6th Ethiopian election, NEBE

Statement of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on voter registration and related issues


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is conducting a voter registration process. Accordingly, the number of registered voters so far is 31,724,947

• Male 54%
• Female 46 %

Voter Registration stations number 43,017

Problems encountered during voter registration Major problems encountered during voter registration

  • Late start of voter registration (due to material distribution)
  • Voter registration is low in the first few weeks
  • Incompatibility of polling stations and voter registration, especially in condominiums, after the start of voter registration
  • Execution fee delay
  • In some places (especially in Addis Ababa) there is a lack of executive responsibility
  • Voter registration is unlikely to take place in areas where voter registration is not possible

Solutions to problems with voter registration

  • Extending voter registration days
  • Voter Registration Attempts to strengthen cooperation with relevant government bodies regarding the distribution of materials
  • Increase voter registration messages and information (short phone calls, collaboration with various stakeholders, civil society mobilization, etc.)
  • Solve suggestions from parties and citizens (778 toll-free) in conjunction with election operations
  • Special planning and preparation was carried out in the areas of security in collaboration with the regional security agencies. Ethnic Special Zone (3 constituencies) are conducting special registration.

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