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1,100 trainee volunteers graduated in Tigray

Tigray Interim Administration, in collaboration with the Minister of Peace, graduated 1,100 volunteer youths today.

Attending the graduation ceremony, Dr. Mulu Nega, Chief Executive Officer of the State, said the youths should show their support by providing various support to the vulnerable sections of the society.

He thanked the trainees for coming to the training after undergoing various influences.

According to Dr. Mulu, the training is a way for young people to spend their time doing good deeds and laying the foundation for their future.

He said good service is widely used not only in our country but also in other countries. Dr. Mulu said the youths should be aware that they are laying the foundation for their future in the areas where they are engaged to serve the community.

According to Dr. Mulu, trainees will be able to serve in various areas for ten months.

Asma Redi, Director of Peacebuilding at the Ministry of Peace, on her part said the training is part of the institution’s capacity building for the newly graduated graduates.

According to the director, 1,100 youths from different parts of the state participated in the one-month training at Mekelle University.

During their stay, the trainees were made aware of the nature and importance of volunteering, management skills, job creation skills and the importance of working in partnership.

According to ENA, the trainees are young people who have not graduated from universities at various times and have no political affiliation.

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