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Modern pedestrian bridges are to be built in the capital at a cost of over 274 million birr.

Addis Ababa: April 20, 2021 (FBC) The Addis Ababa City Traffic Management Agency announced that modern pedestrian bridges will be constructed on the light rail line and ring road at a cost of over 274 million birr.

In Addis Ababa, light rail and ring road crossings are not convenient for pedestrians and pedestrians will travel long distances to cross the road, causing fatigue and harassment as well as risking themselves in traffic accidents, the agency said.

He said one of the activities the agency is doing to make the city’s traffic safe and acceptable is to make the roads more pedestrian-friendly.

As a result, four locations have been selected to address traffic congestion and congestion at the ring road and the intersection of the two light rail lines. The agency said it has completed preliminary work and signed a contract agreement to solve the problem by constructing a pedestrian bridge and identifying pedestrians and vehicles.

The construction of the bridges, including the design of the bridges, will be carried out by Chinese construction company Xi Yang Zian at a cost of 274 million 965 thousand birr. Signed.

The four selected areas are light rail and ring roads, where pedestrians are most likely to cross the road, especially for people with disabilities and the infirm.

According to the agency, the bridges to be built in the four areas of the city include modern and multi-purpose services.

In addition to pedestrian crossings, there will also be shops, bus and train ticket offices, and billboards for various transactions.

The bridges are 40 feet [40 m] long, with a height of 5.4 m and a width of 4 m, depending on the area of the crossing and the number of pedestrians.

The winning bid was signed by Zang Zhi Construction Company, which has signed a contract with the agency and will complete the construction of the pedestrian bridges within 300 days.

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