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“…In terms of the country’s ability to pay, the fee is not small” – Mrs. Soliana Shimeles

200,000 election officials have completed their training for the sixth general election.

The Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said that some of the executives who are currently working in polling stations in Addis Ababa have not been able to get their jobs due to “low pay”.

In Addis Ababa, election officials complained about payment.

National Electoral Board Communication Director, Soliana Shimeles, recalled that some of the polling station executives in Addis Ababa have not started working due to the fact that some polling stations have not been operational.

He said the NEBE recruited other election officials within a few days and launched the service as soon as possible.

He said the deployment of untrained election officials as a new training is a challenge.

Despite this, he said, the new staff has been trained in areas where there is a shortage of manpower.

He said the fee allocated to election officials will be higher than the budget allocated for the election. He said the countrys ability to pay is not insignificant.

“Election officials, therefore, must fulfill their mandate in a spirit of national responsibility” he said.

He called on the executives to fulfill their responsibilities and play their role in Ethiopias future.

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