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Today, about 100 drivers say they have stopped working.

About 100 taxi drivers in the capital say their license plates and driver’s licenses have been revoked.

We have had our driver’s licenses and license plates confiscated by about 100 drivers, especially in the Shromeda area. He complained to Ethio FM that he could not work at the moment.

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau Public Relations Head, Aregawi Maru, said drivers are complaining about the problem.

So far, the questions are being asked by the driver, not by the unions, and this is not appropriate, Aregawi said.

According to Aregawi, the taxi associations and the transport bureau have reached an agreement with the two deputy mayors to work together to solve the problem.

Transportation is a challenge for Addis Ababa, but residents say the recent shortage of transportation is more difficult than ever.

Despite the shortage of fuel and rising fuel prices, disagreements between drivers and road transport are said to be having a negative impact.

On Monday, some drivers went on strike in connection with the incident.

Following this, the Addis Ababa Police Commission and the City Transport Bureau said they would take action against the striking drivers.

This issue is still affecting the transport sector and in the meantime the community is facing transportation problems.

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